Invitation System

Inviting friends to buy NFT in the marketplace will earn you MST rewards.

The number of MST rewards is related to the number of friends who have purchased NFTs.

The more friends who buy NFTs, the higher MST rewards you'll receive.

Furthermore, when your friends purchase NFTs in the marketplace, you will receive a time-limited benefit.

The benefit includes a special privilege: while earning MST in the game, your strength consumption will be doubled. This will significantly help you complete tasks faster and earn MST faster.

Example: Under normal conditions, completing an order will consume 0.2 strength.

But after inviting friends, when you complete an order and earn MST, it will consume 0.4 strength.

  1. Purchasing standard NFTs will extend the privilege duration by 24 hours.

  2. Purchasing Mini/MM NFTs will extend the privilege duration by 12 hours.、

  3. If your friends purchase multiple NFTs, the privilege duration will automatically extend as each NFT purchase by your friends adds additional time to the existing privilege period.

  4. If your friends sell or withdraw NFTs, it will correspondingly reduce the privilege duration. The privilege time will decrease based on the number of NFTs your friends sell or withdraw from the game.

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