Social Relationship System

Players can form relationships with others freely, including CP relationship, Friendships and Guild relationships.

CP Relationship

CP(Coupling) means that there are two players building an intimacy. Players with the CP relationship can finish their exclusive tasks to gain some reward. And players can enhance their CP quality by burning MST to enjoy the right that vege-stealing does not consume energy.

A Player can only have one CP at the same time.


Players can steal crops from their friends to produce productions in factories. Players can chat with others freely. Players can give some crops and productions to their friends and gain a red flower as appreciation. Players with more flowers can show off to others that they have more friends and more social respect. Usually, players with more friends earn MST easier.


Players can create a family to play together. A family contains 30 members by default, with a member cap of 50, and anyone can burn some MST to increase it. Members of the same family can steal vegetables or chat each other. Players of the same family can give products to other members and gain an Activity Value of 20. The Family Activity Value is equal to the sum of all members' Activity Values. Every week, family in the top Activity Value ranking list can get a prize.

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