Other Systems

Inventory System

The MEEET inventory has two separate spaces:

1. NFT Farmers share one space, users are capped at 256 Farmers

2. Equipments, Mystery Box and Character-box share one space, users are capped at 500 slots.

Notification System

Notification System shows the earning and expenditure of users, including:

1. MST&MMT earning

2. Marketplace earning

3. Gift and donation

4. Repair/upgrade/socket cost

5. Mystery box/Equipment/Character-box opening record

Activation Code System

MEEET is an invite only game. User can earn ONE Activation Code for every 10 Strength spent, each user can only hold ONE activation code at a time, until it is used. MEEET will disable Activation Code from time to time to facilitate marketing activities and promotion, if you do not need Activation Code to register, it means it is disabled.

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