Mystery/Equipment Box System(New)

Mystery/Equipment Box

Genesis and Mini series Farmers can get Equipment Box. But Genesis Farmers can get a better Quality usually.

Probability of dropping an Equipment Box

Equipment Box drops when you earn MST. The probability formula for dropping an Equipment Box:

Every time you earn MST, the Probability = Strength cost at this time/ [Strength Cap * 1.25]

Mystery Box Value

When dropping a box, the Mystery Box Value determines its Quality:

The Mystery Box Value = Parameter*Randbetween(system value1,system value2)*[Strength Cap * 1.25] * [Luck+LuckC]^(system value3)l

  1. Luck: Farmer Luck

  2. LuckC: Farmer's Profit's Coefficient(Equipment/Farm Buff/NFT Badges)

In short, the factors which affect Mystery Box Quality are:

  1. Strength Cap

  2. Luck value of Farmer

Mystery Box costs MST to open. Mystery Box contains Equipments and MST. Transferring Farmer from Spending Account to Wallet that result Strength reduction will end up with all Mystery Boxes getting purged.

Note: Losing strength by listing a Farmer in the marketplace will NOT burn/purge Mystery Boxes.

Get Gems from Mystery Box(Basic)

Please Note: when the double gems activity starts, the Gem count value will be 2x.

Here is some data feedback from our BSC users, excluding "Mini Farmers.":

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