The MMT is minted at the Token Generation Event (TGE), with a total of 6,000,000,000.

MMT Earning Mechanics

Level Requirement

MMT earning is only available to Farmers that reaches to Level 30.

Rule of Three Requirement

It is a mandatory requirement to have AT LEAST three Strength in order to start earning MMT.

Halving Mechanics

Each day, a set number of MMT will be unlocked to earn. The daily release of MMT follows exponential decay pattern, on the first day of the 3rd year, the daily MMT unlocked is exactly halved compared to the 1st day of MMT been available to earn.

Random Mechanics

The system constantly adds randomness to Users’ MMT earning, which makes earning unpredictable. To avoid any extrapolation on earnings, the settlement of MMT will be done in every several mins.

Wisdom Mechanics

The more Wisdom, the higher the earning. MMT earning formula will be released once the earning is enabled in the app.

MMT Burning Mechanics (Destroying)


  1. Burn MMT to reach level 5/10/20/29/30

  2. Burn MMT to upgrade Level 4+ Equipments

  3. Burn MMT to mint ALL Farmer qualities

  4. Burn MMT to re-distribute Attribute points

Enhance In-app Mechanics

  1. Burn MMT to permanently increase MST Daily Earning Cap

  2. Burn MMT to permanently improve success rate of ALL Equipment upgrade

  3. Burn MMT to permanently improve the chance to receive a higher quality Farmer from opening Character-box

  4. Burn MMT to permanently improve the chance to receive TWO Farmers from Farmer-Minting

MMT Staking Rules

Staking AmountBoost


+5% Processing Speed


+15% Processing Speed


+10% Warehouse Capacity, +15% Processing Speed


+15% Warehouse Capacity, +15% Processing Speed


+20% Warehouse Capacity, +15% Processing Speed

The staking period is 15 days, and the stake will be automatically unlocked after 15 days.

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